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Why are promotional gifts getting so popular?

Promotional gifts are important tools for the marketing department of any company. Their effectiveness depends upon the thought and execution behind them, and promotional items are like any other advertisement material.  Promotional gifts can work in a two-fold manner.  They can help to promote your business or the products you sell in the most cost-effective manner, and at the same time produce an interest in the market for your new or already established products.  It’s been proven that the promotional gift, sometimes works even better than the print medium and the television medium.  The gifts or the items actually create awareness in the market about the products. This is a subtle way of creating a “brand value” in the market. The gifts or the items can work as an influencing factor.  These gifts are distributed in large numbers to potential customers in view of introducing the brand and creating general interest in it.  Although they serve the identical purpose, promotional gifts are very different from normal media advertisements and other ad campaigns.  As they are gifts and given free of cost customers, they are more likely to take them home.  They don’t want to carry brochures, pamphlets etc., to their home as they get enough junk mail as it is.  Brochures might be looked at once or twice then thrown out.  With a promotional gift,  they notice the message carried by the gift and see it not once or twice, but as long as they use the item.  Market studies tell us that customers use promotional items for about 6 months. So a good promotional item is a very cost effective way to advertise when compared to its other alternatives.

It takes a lot of planning and effort to select a good promotional item. You need to take into consideration, the nature of the target receivers, the nature of the product to be promoted and the budget your willing to spend.  These are the three primary things of concern, as in any other advertisement methods you might use. All the advantages of a promotional item will come to use only if the receiver is attracted by the item and uses it in their day to day activities. Well selected promotional products can generate good will, and establish brand recognition among customers. A promotional item attached with a direct mail will yield more positive results than of  those distribute anonymously.  These ring true and are especially beneficial to a new company to get a foot-hold in the market.

The steps to be considered in using promotional items are:

    1. Clarify the use of the item in your company’s perspective, by asking a few simple questions such as why? (Why we are distributing the item?); When? (When will you distribute it?); How are you going to distribute the item? and finally to whom are you giving it to?
    2. By using the data generated by the answers from the above point, you can draw a clear plan of action.
    3. Design your promotional item to suit the promoted product’s design. Match the color scheme to your company color scheme. Examine the visibility of your logo along with your brand name and message.
    4. Add a message or caption to the item (make sure it’s visible) which links the item to the product or your company that is being promoted.
    5. Think in the receivers point of view. Where will he use it? Can he see the company’s name or logo using it? Does it simplify or enhances his life? Etc, etc.

These questions will help you to decide the life time of the promotional item your giving away. The more life time, the more advertisement life time.  With this knowledge you and see if you can spend few more pennies on an item you thought might be out of your price range. There are a number of companies, which actually use the promotional gifts as incentives for the employees. Promotional items can be used in an exhibition to create a kind of platform for the new products you have in your line.

When you select a supplier like Fairway Manufacturing Company, you will be able to see samples (you can ask for a sample order of your item). Compare prices and ensure the prints (logo, name and message) are error free.  They will work closely with your to ensure you get the best product for your companies goals.  With 64 years behind them, they know the business like no other company.  they will help you step by step in order to get your product designed and shipped in a very short time.  And finally implement the plan of distribution carefully. If your promotional gifts reaches and relates to the maximum number of potential customers, it can create a fortune for your company.


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