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What’s the Difference Between Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts?

What’s the Distinction Between Promotional Gadgets and Company Gifts?

Many advertising specialists imagine that promotional gadgets are a greater method of selling you their brands.  It provides a quite different way to do promoting than the same old techniques of promoting in the past.  It’is because the objects are more permanent, in a way that a TV or radio advert isn’t. However amongst all of the gadgets on the market, how do you know which merchandise or gadget is one of the best for your brand, product and/or services.

There are three questions that you must keep in mind when selecting your promotional products. First, it is vital that your merchandise is practical and usable. Certain, trinkets are pretty and are nice to look at, however in the long term, they won’t be utilized by the patron as much as you would like them to be. It’s better to present them with something that they’ll use all the time. This will keep your product or business logo or name in view on a daily basis and can remind them of how great your brand is over and over again.

Secondly, you need to select the appropriate avenue to deliver your message, and/or your promotional product.  My mail, as a free gift with purchase, for joining your group or club, for taste testing your product in a grocery or visiting your booth at an event, etc.  In most cases, if it’s not something they find useful, they’re just going to simply misplace it amidst the deluge of other messages and merchandise that’s attempted to attain their business day-after-day that they’ve already collected.

Lastly, and most significantly, you need to determine who’s your target market, as a result of that, it’s the main aspect that can determine what sort of product you’ll give away.  Some examples of a target market that you might decide to look at, and are the major target markets, are children, pre-teens and girls/women.

In case you’re concentrating on children, you will still need to factor in the mother and father, which whom you must persuade since they maintain the purse strings and buy their children the item you might be promoting. However, you will want to get the child’s consideration first.  You need this in order for them to tell their mom and dad what they want them to purchase.  Children persuade their parents all the time.  If they want something nine times out of ten, they will have it purchased for them.  You need to child to love your gift and you need their dad and mom to purchase the product, no matter what you’re selling. Promotional gadgets for youngsters are literally among the many least costly and most effective ones to select from. Cheap toys and devices are high on the checklist for kids. Along with toys, you might select different novelties akin to trick pens, rubber band bracelets, balls, stuffed animals with printed t-shirts and so many more.  You can get some ideas from our catalog. Stress toys, which are extremely popular promotional gifts or merchandise geared toward kids.  So think children when coming up with promotional items or gifts.

Next we have the  pre-teenagers and teenagers.  who LOVE free giveaways.  Just think of your own teens and what they love.  Promotional items are a big draw to this group. The merchandise must be cool sufficient for them to put on or show-off to their buddies.  Gadgets that publicize a message or thought may grow to be a stylish merchandise item.  Let’s, for instance, look at the pink ribbon for the AIDS marketing campaign a number of years ago.  It grew into all kinds of colored ribbons.  They are on every item you can think of from t-shirts to water bottles to laptop cases.  Teens loved it, it said something to them, and they wore it or wanted to display it like crazy!  If you can create something like this on your promotional items, you could quite possible have a huge hit on your hands.  It’s that the best promotion of all?  A run-away hit with the pre-teen and teenage group.

last but not least is the woman and girls peer group.  Free items that you just get from loyalty and level system schemes are a surefire hit. Girls are the more likely sex to buy your products and be your loyal consumers.  They really feel good whenever you reward them loyalty items.  they are more likely to purchase items over and over to get that little gift at the end.  Women, as you know, purchase way more then men do.  They are top consumers, so in order to win them over and purchase your brands, you want to reward them with some pretty nifty items.  there are a lot of items geared for women as far as promotional items go.  Mirrors, small cases, pens and note pads, combs and brushes, and just a plethora of bags and totes that they’ll carry everywhere.  Think about it.  Your company promotion or product being carried everywhere for everyone to see on a free bag you gave to a customer or client for being loyal or for making a purchase.  Priceless advertising!


Now for corporate gifts, you need to reach the decision-makers of a company, you have to take into consideration sophistication and status. Many purveyors of promotional merchandise prefer to recommend that the costlier the corporate gifts you select, the bigger the impression you make. Most certainly they’re going to be impressed by expensive devices, branded gadgets and merchandise.  It’s what may improve their image as a high executive in the company.  Corporate gifts can be awards, expensive laptop bags, sporting event tickets or even trips.  To keep in line with what we offer, I suggest really nice laptop bags, expensive pen sets, awards and other great gift items like coolers and clothing.

Hopefully,  this article will give you the ability to discover and find the proper product you need for the appropriate market your in and the people you want to reach in that market. To find this suitable avenue you’ll need to do some analysis of your own.  Analysis must be carried out as it will give you the ability to decide on the very best promotional merchandise for your brand.

When you’re ready to purchase either your promotional gifts or corporate gifts, or even need out expert advise in choosing the right one for you, give us a call at 1-800-325-0889 or email Mark at Fairway Manufacturing Company.

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