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The flag has long been a symbol of dissension or discord. Descendants of Confederate soldiers who served within the Civil Conflict argue that the flag is an emblem of their heritage. Others say it carries an insignia that’s inextricably linked to racism and hate, particularly because it has been adopted by many neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.  But amid the controversy, many individuals appear unclear on the historical past of the flag, the way it was first used and what its symbols imply. Queries looking for that data have been trending on Google and social media websites

The Confederate flag’s design explained

The “Confederate flag,” as it’s colloquially referred to, was the flag utilized in battle by the Military of Northern Virginia throughout the Civil Conflict. The precise flag of the Confederate States of America featured red and white stripes offset by a blue canton (a term that normally describes a rectangular block within the upper-left corner of a flag) and white stars. The battle flag came into use in 1861, when Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard complained that the flag of the Confederacy appeared too much like the American flag on the battlefield.

The battle flag, designed by secessionist William Porcher Miles, was included into the second design of the Confederate flag and was additionally adopted as the Navy Jack, in 1863. The design remained part of the Confederate flag till the fall of the Confederacy in 1865.

The origins and symbolism of the flag are the topic of heated debate. There have been three flags of the Confederacy, none of which is the one so hotly contested right this moment. The flag’s look modified over time, as did its meaning.

The layout (also known as the “Southern Cross”) is a Saint Andrew’s cross, named after the X-shaped cross used to crucify St. Andrew. It’s also referred to as a saltire (a heraldic symbol in the form of a diagonal cross, like the shape of the letter X in Roman type). Some consider the image represents freedom and independence from oppression and tyranny. The design will be found within the flag of Jamaica, Scotland and the UK.

The thirteen stars characterize the eleven states of the Confederacy in addition to Kentucky and Missouri, two slave states that had been claimed by the Confederacy however never truly seceded during the Civil War.

Confederate Flags
Confederate Flags

1. “Stars and Bars”: This was the original flag of the Confederate States of America. It initially featured seven stars, representing the primary seven states to secede. In the present day, the state flag of Georgia pays homage the the original flag of the Confederacy. Though the thirteen stars are stated to commemorate the original thirteen colonies, it must also be noted that the final version of the Confederate flag also included thirteen stars.

2. “Stainless Banner”: This was the second flag of the Confederacy. It featured the battle flag, which had turn out to be fairly common by this time (1863). The remainder of the flag is clean, white area. Though the official act to undertake the flag didn’t clarify what the white area meant, its designer, W.T. Thompson, referred to it as the “white man’s flag.”

3. “Blood Stained Banner”: This was the third and final flag of the Confederacy. A red stripe was added to the flag’s design after many complained that the dominant white area may cause it to be mistaken for a flag of surrender from a distance.


Right this moment, a number of state flags bear some resemblance or pay homage to the Confederate flags: (1) Alabama, (2) Arkansas, (3) Georgia, (4) Mississippi and (5) Tennessee.

Confederate Flags Used In State Flags
Confederate Flags Used In State Flags

Love it or hate it, the Confederate flags are a symbol of US history and heritage for southern folk.  You can’t erase the past and the history that it contains. The Confederate flag today is a symbol of Southern Pride, not hate.  It seems it’s getting a bad rap from a lot of different places.  Yes, at one time ,t represented something bad, but in today’s American culture, it is a symbol of Pride and Heritage within the south.  Just because a group of people use it for hate, doesn’t mean that it represents that hate.  If you remove the Civil War, what it represented and the people who believed in it’s existence, then you erase half of America’s short history.  We hope that historical landmarks owned by the states or not, continue to sell a symbol that represents American Southern Pride.  If country western and southern rock musicians, TV programs, movies, books and other media portray the confederate flag as a symbol of Southern Pride.  England doesn’t ban the St. George flag just because some hate groups use it.  In reality, it means something completely different.  It’s the official flag of England.  The south lost the war, but to some, the Confederate flag was their states official flag and that’s why they have pride flying it.  The U.S. Flag was flown in slave states too.  Are you going to ban that?

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Civil War Confederate and Union Souvenirs & Gifts From Fairway Mfg Co.
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