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Importance of Promotional Products and Gifts

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The kind of concern a brand shows for its customer base, reflects on its generosity. So, to get maximum customers, it’s usually recommended for the brands to promote their products by various means to make a clear picture what the product does for the consumer that they are going to sell and launch. Although many ideas are available, the concept of promotional products, promotional items and promotional gifts are the most simple and best way to leave an impact on the public.


It’s human tendency and psychology that the idea of being given free stuff makes one feel happy and appreciated. It gives people a feeling that they are important to the other person. The idea of gifting is being used by every industry now to get a better customer relationship and become more popular. A few of the advantages and the components which can be thought of as beneficial and useful for both the manufacturers and the consumers are:

  • Giving a gift or an item along with the product being promoted becomes a unique selling point for that company. This attracts lots of customers, as they would be curious enough to know if the product is really great with the extra benefit is being offered a free gift just to try it.
  • Give a promotional items that can be used regularly, easily and for a long time.  This usually helps a lot to help people talk about your brand. Free advertising for a long time is priceless. Gifts such as pens or carrier bags can be used within any type of age groups. Table calendars are another good option for the professional class along with maybe key chains, wallets, apparels and cups or mugs which are popular among a lot of companies.
  • Connectivity between the gift and your product. If the gift being used for promotion is in any way related to the product it comes with, it leaves an impression of dual benefits in your customers mind. Launching say, a new toothpaste in the market can be beneficial if a toothbrush is gifted along with it with the company name or brand name of the toothpaste. While launching a new mobile phone, some accessories like a mobile phone case can be very useful. Small gifts that can be used for that product, as well every day use, will be beneficial to your customer base and when they use it, they remember your products.
  • Another important factor to be considered for promotional items is the colors and the brand name. The colors and the brand name are two “must haves” on a gift item in order for that gift to do it’s job of promotion.  When you think of giraffe bread, you don’t think the colors will be green and purple, you think orange and black or tan and black.  Seeing these colors together makes you think “hey, that reminds me of Giraffe Bread!”  In your mind when you see the colors you remember the brand that is associated with those colors.  The brand name we know and trust along with the colors associated with that product act as a connection between the product so customers recognize them together instantly. That makes good promotion.
  • The source of promotion is also a deciding factor of how well a product is going to do in the market. So it’s recommended that you use an easily accessible product. The most popular ways of promotion with the promotional gifts can be advertising the brand in the media like newspapers, magazines, stands in stores, on end caps and floor displays with some pamphlets with more information about the product, especially if it’s a new launch.
  • In spite of having the best quality product, a company may fail to reach the minds of its customer if don’t offer some sort of promotional gift.  The market these days has tough competition for brands with similar products.  People tend to shift from brand to brand on being given extra benefit like a flashlight, key ring, carrier bag or some other cool gift along with the new product.

It’s tough to have a new product on the market and to have it gain a long-lasting effect in the market. You’re going to want to reach all of  people where that product has to be finally used.  Having a free gift that comes with that product will really help the product get out there so everyone can try it.  Like we said before, everyone loves free stuff.  Once the brand and the product earns status, people tend to remain brand loyal for quiet a long time, so promotional gifts and promotional items do help in raising the quality and quantity of business in any company.


Low-Cost Company or Event Promotion with Personalized Promotional Lanyards

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What are lanyards?  Maybe the phrase key chain provides a greater visible description of what a lanyard is.  That being said, however, this isn’t the limit to their a lanyards use.  Basically,  a lanyard is a strip of nylon, a rope or cord, that’s most often worn around the your neck, and has a clip on the end of it to hold all kinds of items, not just keys. There are also wrist versions, but we will be talking about the ones you wear around your neck, as they are most popular.  They are mostly used to hold an item, like keys, buy can hold other things as well.  Let’s talk about lanyards and see if they’re a right fit for your business.

We will focus on the type of lanyard you would wear around your neck and the advantages you’ll be able to have from selling, or giving away this specific kind of merchandise as a promotional product. If you happen to give consideration to their use in your advertising or branding strategy, the following info ought to provide you with that little extra help in whether or not lanyards might be a proper item for what you want to promote.

Promotional lanyards are an affordable item and nearly a clothing accent.  Due to this fact, lanyards present themselves as an ideal choice for business promotions. Many come geared up with clips close to the top to connect things. Objects such as key-rings, cell telephones, badge holders, entry passes or made to fit your particular item you want attached to the end of it. Depending on the promotional market you’re in, your lanyards can fit into your advertising scheme easily and cheaply.

You’ve probability seen at conferences, commerce reveals or exhibitions, folks wearing promotional lanyards displaying the emblem of the group organizing the occasion. That lanyard is probably supplied as a free present by the occasion organizers themselves promoting their event or the services or products they supply. It’s a quite common scenario for the lanyard to be given away as a promotional present.

Utilizing promotional lanyards which can be printed with your firm name and emblem, product name or message is a highly effective method to promote your brand and company.  They will keep your brand and company name in the minds of your potential clients  or guests at your event.  There are numerous choices to choose from ranging from colors, printing choices, lengths and sizes in addition to the equipment that may be added to the lanyard. The selection for every specific promotional circumstance could also be totally different and promotional product producers perceive this and may help in selecting what’s finest choice for your online business.

They don’t need to be used solely for conferences or conventions.  They are a cheap choice as giveaways to your employees or clients. With the printed data, designed and created to your specs, these lanyards are more likely to get a lot of individuals to wear them.  Workers love them where you have a keyed entry system into your building.  they don’t have to fumble around looking for their key card as it’s right there on their lanyard.  They will wear these when they head out for lunch or a quick bit of shopping.  This makes them ideal to give to your employees.  What better free advertising then a lanyard with your company name and logo on it.  People do look at them.  I know I do.  Lanyards are great for employees that need to carry a key card, employee badge, regular keys or even a walkie talkie (if they’re small enough).  No pocket, no worries, you have a lanyard!

The principle advantages of utilizing lanyards for promotional gifts or souvenirs are:

  • Appreciation issue: lanyards are appreciated by workers and clients alike, however, greater than that is they’re utilized by nearly everyone that has them.
  • Value Issue: They’re cheap and inexpensive for firms, festivals, museums, fairs and are perfect promotion and showing off your brand.
  • Choices: You’ll discover an excellent variety of choices.  From the color to the message you can place on it, the length or functions you need to handle.
  • Promotional Advantages: when your guests, clients or workers are utilizing or sporting the promotional lanyard in regular day to day conditions, your company, attraction or festival or product is seen by a wider group of potential purchasers, attendees or admirers.

custom-lanyardsValue and Promotional advantages are maybe the best reason you have to be contemplating lanyards for promotion of your conference, festival, business or attraction. For a minimal price, and in addition, the ability to particularly design your message the way you want with text and images, you’ll have a product that shall be utilized by many under all kinds of conditions. With extra publicity for your small business services and products the potential for reaching additional prospects is enhanced greatly.  Since lanyards are cheap, they offer the benefit of free advertisement to be seen by a wide range of people, even if they didn’t attend your seminar or visit your zoo.  People will see others wearing them and might even want one themselves!

Be sure to check out our line of lanyards on-line at Fairway Manufacturing Company.  You’ll see that there are various kinds for you to choose from.  We even sell items that you can add to your lanyards.  We also offer thousands of other promotional products.  We have several catalogs for just custom promotion items such as lanyards. Call us today at 1-800-325-0889 so we can help you get started on your lanyards or any other product you might see in our catalogs. We also print badges for the lanyards.  you can print festival passes or business information right on cards that can be added to your lanyards.  We guarantee you will find something for your advertising and marketing needs.  We offer great prices that are competition are hard pressed to beat.  Fairway has been in the souvenir business for over 65 years and we know how to get you the best product and best value.   We have great promotional product and will give you recommendation on what are the best methods to get your small business or message out there on your lanyards or other products.


What’s the Difference Between Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts?

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What’s the Distinction Between Promotional Gadgets and Company Gifts?

Many advertising specialists imagine that promotional gadgets are a greater method of selling you their brands.  It provides a quite different way to do promoting than the same old techniques of promoting in the past.  It’is because the objects are more permanent, in a way that a TV or radio advert isn’t. However amongst all of the gadgets on the market, how do you know which merchandise or gadget is one of the best for your brand, product and/or services.

There are three questions that you must keep in mind when selecting your promotional products. First, it is vital that your merchandise is practical and usable. Certain, trinkets are pretty and are nice to look at, however in the long term, they won’t be utilized by the patron as much as you would like them to be. It’s better to present them with something that they’ll use all the time. This will keep your product or business logo or name in view on a daily basis and can remind them of how great your brand is over and over again.

Secondly, you need to select the appropriate avenue to deliver your message, and/or your promotional product.  My mail, as a free gift with purchase, for joining your group or club, for taste testing your product in a grocery or visiting your booth at an event, etc.  In most cases, if it’s not something they find useful, they’re just going to simply misplace it amidst the deluge of other messages and merchandise that’s attempted to attain their business day-after-day that they’ve already collected.

Lastly, and most significantly, you need to determine who’s your target market, as a result of that, it’s the main aspect that can determine what sort of product you’ll give away.  Some examples of a target market that you might decide to look at, and are the major target markets, are children, pre-teens and girls/women.

In case you’re concentrating on children, you will still need to factor in the mother and father, which whom you must persuade since they maintain the purse strings and buy their children the item you might be promoting. However, you will want to get the child’s consideration first.  You need this in order for them to tell their mom and dad what they want them to purchase.  Children persuade their parents all the time.  If they want something nine times out of ten, they will have it purchased for them.  You need to child to love your gift and you need their dad and mom to purchase the product, no matter what you’re selling. Promotional gadgets for youngsters are literally among the many least costly and most effective ones to select from. Cheap toys and devices are high on the checklist for kids. Along with toys, you might select different novelties akin to trick pens, rubber band bracelets, balls, stuffed animals with printed t-shirts and so many more.  You can get some ideas from our catalog. Stress toys, which are extremely popular promotional gifts or merchandise geared toward kids.  So think children when coming up with promotional items or gifts.

Next we have the  pre-teenagers and teenagers.  who LOVE free giveaways.  Just think of your own teens and what they love.  Promotional items are a big draw to this group. The merchandise must be cool sufficient for them to put on or show-off to their buddies.  Gadgets that publicize a message or thought may grow to be a stylish merchandise item.  Let’s, for instance, look at the pink ribbon for the AIDS marketing campaign a number of years ago.  It grew into all kinds of colored ribbons.  They are on every item you can think of from t-shirts to water bottles to laptop cases.  Teens loved it, it said something to them, and they wore it or wanted to display it like crazy!  If you can create something like this on your promotional items, you could quite possible have a huge hit on your hands.  It’s that the best promotion of all?  A run-away hit with the pre-teen and teenage group.

last but not least is the woman and girls peer group.  Free items that you just get from loyalty and level system schemes are a surefire hit. Girls are the more likely sex to buy your products and be your loyal consumers.  They really feel good whenever you reward them loyalty items.  they are more likely to purchase items over and over to get that little gift at the end.  Women, as you know, purchase way more then men do.  They are top consumers, so in order to win them over and purchase your brands, you want to reward them with some pretty nifty items.  there are a lot of items geared for women as far as promotional items go.  Mirrors, small cases, pens and note pads, combs and brushes, and just a plethora of bags and totes that they’ll carry everywhere.  Think about it.  Your company promotion or product being carried everywhere for everyone to see on a free bag you gave to a customer or client for being loyal or for making a purchase.  Priceless advertising!


Now for corporate gifts, you need to reach the decision-makers of a company, you have to take into consideration sophistication and status. Many purveyors of promotional merchandise prefer to recommend that the costlier the corporate gifts you select, the bigger the impression you make. Most certainly they’re going to be impressed by expensive devices, branded gadgets and merchandise.  It’s what may improve their image as a high executive in the company.  Corporate gifts can be awards, expensive laptop bags, sporting event tickets or even trips.  To keep in line with what we offer, I suggest really nice laptop bags, expensive pen sets, awards and other great gift items like coolers and clothing.

Hopefully,  this article will give you the ability to discover and find the proper product you need for the appropriate market your in and the people you want to reach in that market. To find this suitable avenue you’ll need to do some analysis of your own.  Analysis must be carried out as it will give you the ability to decide on the very best promotional merchandise for your brand.

When you’re ready to purchase either your promotional gifts or corporate gifts, or even need out expert advise in choosing the right one for you, give us a call at 1-800-325-0889 or email Mark at Fairway Manufacturing Company.

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Great Ideas for Promotional Gifts

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Nowadays, companies tend to play safe when it comes to choosing promotional gifts. If you are tired of giving or receiving the same gifts all the time, then go for more unique promotional items to spice up your promotion. Below are some ideas for unique promotional gifts that you may find useful.

Fun and Fashionable

Say bye bye to the same boring items and styles and hello to fun and fashionable. You can now choose a range of bags and electronics that are very fashionable. There are many styles and colors to choose from to fit your company image and budget. Bags range from backpacks and laptop bags to sport and tote bags. You can even consider giving out coolers. As for corporate apparels, you can give out scarves, hats and beanies. All these promotional gifts can be screen printed or embroidered with your company logo and advertising messages.



For The Tech-Savvy

Portable Speakers are a Great Company Freebie

Portable Speakers are a Great Company Freebie

Give some high-tech products to your tech-savvy clients. There are many computer accessories that can be given out as promotional gifts, such as headphones, iPhone and Android cases, stands and chargers, portable chargers, portable speakers and travel adapters. The list goes on and on.  There is a large selection of tech gifts on the market that you can custom imprint for your companies promos   Again, you can imprint your company name and logo on any of the computer items. If you need help or have questions on any product we carry, you can call us eat 1-800-325-0889.






Classic with a Twist

Maybe a pen is not just a pen after all. there is a better and more unique version of a pen that will be the hit of your gift offers.  Everyone will want one!  It’s the custom action floating pen.  These are unique pens that have a floating bit in side to make it an animated pen. (read here)  For ordering information for these pens, you can call us at 1-800-325-0889 or email Mark at Fairway Manufacturing.  In addition to this,

Custom Floating View Pens and Acrylic Key Rings

Custom Floating View Pens and Acrylic Key Rings

we have a great website that will give you fantastic information on the floaty pens at Custom Floaty Pens.  There is a variety of other useful products that you can give as promotional gifts to your valuable clients. These items include orange peelers, bottle openers, tooth brushes and key tags.

Of course there are thousands more unique ideas that you can find and use for your promotional gifts.   You can easily get all these items, at Fairway Manufacturing Company.  Why use numerous sources when you can use one. The most important thing here is that you need to set your budget from the beginning so you know your limits.  Finding something unique for your promotional gifts is a great way to have the most impact on your promotion. Choosing the right unique item is important.  You don’t want to giver away the wrong item and make a bad impression on your company. Certain items can give the wrong impression about your company or worse, spoil your company image.   For instance, if you are in the baby industry you would not want to give out bottle openers and wine glasses as promotional gifts to your target audience.  they want baby items like cool bibs, onesies or socks  Choose the item wisely, and preferably something related to your business so it will only complement your company image not tarnish it.  Again, if you have any questions or need help select the right gifts for your company,  call us today at 1-800-325-0889.  We’ve been in business since 1952 and know all about corporate gifts and souvenirs.

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