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Souvenir Guide 101 – Kids & Souvenirs

Souvenirs have a history linked to them, and that’s why they are so popular with people.  People look through a shop and think:

  1. That’s a beautiful gift
  2. That sums up my vacation
  3. This represents my experiences
  4. This would be great for [someone]
  5. My kid wants this, so I’m going to buy it before they make a scene.

Yes, that’s right.  The kids.  Kids are an important part of souvenir purchasing.  They want to be  able to play act, or just play.  A good example of children and souvenirs are western guns, Cowboy hats, tomahawks, tom toms and headdresses.  Every kid love the wild west.  I know you played Cowboys and Indians when you were a kid.

Guess what?  Today’s children love to play the same games.  They want to have mom and dad purchase something for them when they are at an amusement park.  To be honest, the adults took the kids there to have fun.  Part of that long lasting fun even after the trip to the park, is having a toy they can play with that reminds them of their day out.   Souvenirs are not just an adult thing.  Children LOVE toys and toys are souvenirs when purchased at a place that brings back or lets them hold that memory a lot longer.  Even if you’re at a camp ground, when you purchase a toy to play with, because the kids are bored, why not buy them a jump rope, a ball with the campground name on it.  It’s something that they can play with, and when they see the name of the camp ground or city/state/country they are at, it reminds them of the great time they had and think about and nag mom and dad about going back the next year.  If you’re travelling long distances in a car or on a plane, get the kids some portable, easy to carry games.  It give them something to do and hopefully they won’t be so bored.  Parents will always buy stuff for their kids.  When choosing souvenirs and gifts to put into your shop, remember the children.  They are one of the big reasons parents buy souvenirs and spend a lot of money on them.

There are many different kinds of toys you can stock in your shop.  At Fairway Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, you can find a great selection of play toys and imagination toys for children.  Play sets are a great idea for souvenirs at a western related souvenir shop.  There is hours of fun inside a bag of cowboy and Indians or army men or even zoo animals.  These toys help the children remember the great time they had and re-enact or make up new adventures with their play sets.  If you visit, say Daniel Boone’s home, your child is going to want a coonskin cap just like Daniel wore.  Kids love to pretend to be a superhero or adventurer, so why not carry things that help them do just that.  If you’re interested in seeing some of the great gift ideas Fairway has to offer, here is a link to their 2014-2015 catalog.  They have an extensive line of classic and new souvenirs for children of all ages.  Let’s face it, if you were to go to a wild west theme park, you’d want a Cowboy hat too.  I’m just sayin’.  🙂

Here is an example of just a small selection of what Fairway Manufacturing carries in the line of children’s play acting toys.   You can call them at 1-800-325-0889 to start discussing how they can turn your plain souvenir shop into a great souvenir shop.


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