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Non-Profit and Charities Need Souvenirs To Promote Their Causes

Souvenirs and Giveaways Aren’t Just for Big Business. Non-profit and Charities need them too.

This giveaway and souvenir suggestion is not entirely limited to the corporate world. There  are other places where it is suitable to employ giving away gifts or selling them at a minimal fee. Many charities sell products or give them away to help make people aware of their cause.  You’ll see pink ribbon products for cancer or yellow ribbons to support our troops as an example.  Here in England, we purchase poppies from our veterans for remembrance day.  All of these are either give aways our you purchase then to support their cause and help them carry on their good work.  These groups and many others need some sort of company to create these products.  A good example could be the Rotary Club – This is a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds can exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name comes from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.  They need to spread the word about what they do and who they are.  They purchase souvenirs/gifts to sell to support their projects like polio vaccines for everyone around the world.  Selling a pen or t-shirt helps with their endeavor.

Groups with a Cause will also benefit from souvenirs.  If you have an organization with a particular cause (e.g. cancer awareness. support our troops, helping out the poor, promoting education etc), handing out a souvenir will be a great way to promote their cause.  Again, they don;t have to be expensive, they just need to have their name and/or cause on it.  Everyone knows what a pink ribbon stands for. (at least in the USA they do) so they can create pink ribbon magnets without any custom imprint and people will know that it stands for and it gets awareness out there.   This kind of souvenir is beneficial because the souvenir idea they come up with is highly probable to be aligned with what the organization believes in or stands for.

Non-Profit Organizations are a really good group of folks who would sell souvenirs. Since non-profit organizations tend to protect and help other people, and they can make no profit from it, selling souvenirs for promotional benefit is a great idea.  They can again sell products created for their organization to get the word out and be recognized.  Even if they printing their names on plastic bags or combs or anything else, they get the word out about their organization.

Souvenirs aren’t just for theme parks or historic attractions.  They are important for community work, charities and non-profit organizations as well.  When, for example, there is a marathon for cancer, they hand out pink ribbons and t-shirts that have some sort of information about their cause.  They have their groups name, date and what they stand for.  Most of the time we call them give-aways, but they are really like souvenirs for the event they are sponsoring.   This way, business leaders, charity groups, non-profits and many more groups can help shaping the society we live in by raising awareness through souvenirs and help others reach out to the needy, through a donation in the form of a small gift or souvenir they receive in return.

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