Native American Souvenirs for Your Business

Are you having trouble finding great and inexpensive Native American souvenirs for your attraction or camp ground?  We have a great place for you to check out.  Fairway Manufacturing Company in St. Louis Missouri carries a large selection of Native American souvenirs that would be perfect for your gift shop.  FAIRWAY is the premier direct importer to the nationwide wholesale souvenir market. Serving the gift and ad speciality needs of tourist attractions, theme parks, museums, zoos, rodeos, camp-grounds, caves & truck stops since 1952.  Exclusive Happy Rocks, floating view pen, totem stones, magnets, jewelry & much more!  We’re going to take a look at their Native American line.

The first thing to know is that these gifts are not made by Native Americans.  They are either imported or made in the USA, but not my Native Indians.  All whole-sellers MUST state whether their items are made by “real Indians” or manufactured by others.  It is a law in the United States.  The disclaimer must be told to all buyers of Native gifts “products sold are neither Indian made nor are they an Indian product as designed by 25 U.S. Code § 305 et. seq”  All sellers must disclose this.  If they don’t, they could be in serious trouble.  Fairway Manufacturing discloses this fact.

Now that you know about the legal stuff, let’s get to the good stuff… the gifts for your shops.

Leather goods, jewelry, beaded jewelry, dream catchers and tom toms are all part of the Indian souvenir line.  We’re going to show you some excellent products here, but it’s only a small sample of the Fairway Native American line.  To see the full line, we recommend you take a look at their catalog at  You  can see their entire line this year at the Gatlinburg Gift Show in Tennessee.

Native American Leather Bags, Pouches and Purses
Native American Leather Bags, Pouches and Purses

Beaded leather belts are a great item to sell in your gift shop.  They come in various sizes from kids to adults.  They are made of real leather and are good quality.  The beading on them is a Native American design.  They sell out really fast, so get your orders in early before souvenir season starts in the spring. We recommend buying them in the winter for the coming season.  Another great item is the coin purses and little girls leather fringe bags.  They come in tan for that rustic look or pink.  Made of good quality suede, they are made to last.   Fairway does special imprinting on numerous leather items.  You can get a native flute with your business name imprinted on the leather case.  There are poke bags that hold gold, marbles and other assorted items that you can have your name imprinted on.  We highly recommend going to their website and looking at the catalog.  We just can’t name everything you can get your business or attraction name added to.

Native American Beaded Jewelry
Native American Beaded Jewelry

Other high quality Native American Souvenirs and gifts include jewelry.  Fairway has a large selection of beaded jewelry with Native American design on them  You might remember them from when you were a kid and wanted an Indian souvenir.  These have been around for a long time and Fairway is where people have been getting them for over 60 years now.  You can find necklaces, bracelets, headbands and more.  Beaded jewelry is a must have for any attraction or business that has any Native America association. These are great items to have in your gift shop as kids love beads and beaded jewelry.  These are also a fast selling item and we recommend getting your orders in early!

Native American Souvenirs
Native American Souvenirs

Of course your Native American souvenirs selection would not be complete without the Tom toms, headdresses, tomahawks, spears, dream catchers, and totem poles.  Besides the beaded jewelry, your customers would expect to see these items in your gift shop.  Kids love to play Cowboys and Indians so along with your cowboy hats and gun holsters you’re going to need Indian gear.   Fairway carries several different types of these great gift ideas.  Assorted sized spears, tom toms, bow & arrows sets and headdresses.  The assortment of dream catchers is fantastic too.  Some are decorated with medicine bags while others with bear and wolf heads.  The Mandelas have beautiful images of Native Americans and animals they worship.  These also come in many sizes.

As you can see, Native American souvenirs and novelties are affordable and sell well in regions that are associated with Native American culture and history.  the US was once theirs until the white man stole it from them.  We should respect and learn about their culture.  Having souvenirs available for children will make them ask questions and want to learn about this rich heritage.  Call Fairway today if you’re interested in getting great Native American souvenirs for your attraction’s gift shop.  You can reach them at 1-800-325-0889. 

We’re going to be attaching a catalog of just Native American Indian Souvenirs here soon.  Please come back to download it.  For now though, please go to the catalog on the Fairway Manufacturing Website.


Please note that all items listed in the post are products that are sold as neither Indian made nor are they an Indian product as designed by 25 U.S. Code § 305 et. seq.

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