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Importance of Promotional Products and Gifts

The kind of concern a brand shows for its customer base, reflects on its generosity. So, to get maximum customers, it’s usually recommended for the brands to promote their products by various means to make a clear picture what the product does for the consumer that they are going to sell and launch. Although many ideas are available, the concept of promotional products, promotional items and promotional gifts are the most simple and best way to leave an impact on the public.


It’s human tendency and psychology that the idea of being given free stuff makes one feel happy and appreciated. It gives people a feeling that they are important to the other person. The idea of gifting is being used by every industry now to get a better customer relationship and become more popular. A few of the advantages and the components which can be thought of as beneficial and useful for both the manufacturers and the consumers are:

  • Giving a gift or an item along with the product being promoted becomes a unique selling point for that company. This attracts lots of customers, as they would be curious enough to know if the product is really great with the extra benefit is being offered a free gift just to try it.
  • Give a promotional items that can be used regularly, easily and for a long time.  This usually helps a lot to help people talk about your brand. Free advertising for a long time is priceless. Gifts such as pens or carrier bags can be used within any type of age groups. Table calendars are another good option for the professional class along with maybe key chains, wallets, apparels and cups or mugs which are popular among a lot of companies.
  • Connectivity between the gift and your product. If the gift being used for promotion is in any way related to the product it comes with, it leaves an impression of dual benefits in your customers mind. Launching say, a new toothpaste in the market can be beneficial if a toothbrush is gifted along with it with the company name or brand name of the toothpaste. While launching a new mobile phone, some accessories like a mobile phone case can be very useful. Small gifts that can be used for that product, as well every day use, will be beneficial to your customer base and when they use it, they remember your products.
  • Another important factor to be considered for promotional items is the colors and the brand name. The colors and the brand name are two “must haves” on a gift item in order for that gift to do it’s job of promotion.  When you think of giraffe bread, you don’t think the colors will be green and purple, you think orange and black or tan and black.  Seeing these colors together makes you think “hey, that reminds me of Giraffe Bread!”  In your mind when you see the colors you remember the brand that is associated with those colors.  The brand name we know and trust along with the colors associated with that product act as a connection between the product so customers recognize them together instantly. That makes good promotion.
  • The source of promotion is also a deciding factor of how well a product is going to do in the market. So it’s recommended that you use an easily accessible product. The most popular ways of promotion with the promotional gifts can be advertising the brand in the media like newspapers, magazines, stands in stores, on end caps and floor displays with some pamphlets with more information about the product, especially if it’s a new launch.
  • In spite of having the best quality product, a company may fail to reach the minds of its customer if don’t offer some sort of promotional gift.  The market these days has tough competition for brands with similar products.  People tend to shift from brand to brand on being given extra benefit like a flashlight, key ring, carrier bag or some other cool gift along with the new product.

It’s tough to have a new product on the market and to have it gain a long-lasting effect in the market. You’re going to want to reach all of  people where that product has to be finally used.  Having a free gift that comes with that product will really help the product get out there so everyone can try it.  Like we said before, everyone loves free stuff.  Once the brand and the product earns status, people tend to remain brand loyal for quiet a long time, so promotional gifts and promotional items do help in raising the quality and quantity of business in any company.

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