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Floaty Pens – A Great Way to Boost Sales

Fairway Manufacturing Co. has specialized in delivering custom souvenir design floaty pens produced exclusively by Eskesen with a rich history now in our 63rd year. Thousands of souvenir designs specific to tourist attractions, States, Cities, Museums, Parks, Zoos, Railroads, Cruise lines have been ordered over many decades, with some customers producing new themes and designs adding to the collectability of the product.  In the late 80’s we worked with Eskesen to replace the familiar photo real art films inserted in the Pen barrel with tumbled gemstones and other natural and man made fillers to mimic the popular Miniature Rock Collection® Pencil line which dates back to 1962 with Millions of Rock Pencils delivered as souvenir and collectibles. We also developed Floaty pens and Floaty Keychains that included the tumbled stone specimens floating in an oil filled barrel with full color Souvenir imprint added. Within a few years we included a clear film inside the barrel with custom imprint that allowed for additional personality in the form of custom Logos and more intricate caption with other unique and natural fillers. These Floaty items were ideal souvenir sales for Cave attractions, Natural History and Science Museums, Mines, Jewellery manufacturers and attractions that featured gold panning and Mining.

There are a number of Collector Blogs developed over the years for floaty pens and rock pens. Fairway developed an exclusive agreement to use the Clear Acrylic barrel as a receptacle for different mineral specimen fills for Eskesen products and regularly sends shipments of these gemstone fill products to Denmark. We started with the item as the Trademarked : Miniature Rock Collection® pen with a fill of mixed tiny tumbled and polished gemstones in a colorful mix of over 30 specimens from all over the world. In addition many, individual specimens were done over the years that highlighted various natural products, semi-precious stones and (turquoise, amber, garnet, paua shell, amethyst, metal nuggets, crystals, mini sea shells, colored natural sand, coal etc.) Disney produced a package of Natural American fills to coincide with the release of the Pocahontas movie in 1995.  Natural products like seeds, dried corn granules and salt crystals were included as fillers. There’s even a  floaty pen Blogger that had an assortment of the Rock fill pens she offered  for trade.  The Eskesen Pen is one of the most collected and reordered souvenir item with new optional fillers being developed each year.

Fairway continues to provide stock and custom Miniature Rock Collection® Pens with the Eskesen versions first developed in 1991 and sold to dozens of Show Caves in the US and Caribbean as a souvenir.  Look for Fine Faceted crystal filled pens later in 2015 with custom pens produced and imported in quantities as low as 550 pcs per design.  We continue to be the main distributor of Floaty pens in North America.  If you’re looking for a great product for your attraction that’s a real collectors item, then contact Fairway Mfg. Co.  TODAY!!


You can order pens from us on our website Fairway Manufacturing Company and Custom Floaty Pens.

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