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Custom Souvenir Magnets – A Hot Advertising Tool For Your Business

What is a refrigerator magnet and why do they sell well and make fantastic give-aways for your company? These decorative little gems are a great addition to any household appliance.  They turn a dull fridge into a colorful delight.  They’re also fantastic as an effective advertising tool for your attraction, company or camp ground.  Heck, you see them everywhere.  Just look right now in your kitchen.  Do you see a magnet you picked up from somewhere?  I bet you do!  So what makes a person pick up that magnet and purchase it, or even takes it as a free business give-away?  What makes that simple magnet be places somewhere special in the home where it can be viewed every day?  What makes a simple fridge magnet so attractive that they’ve become a big deal for collectors?  Well it turns out it is Psychology… go figure.

Psychologists believe that the subconscious craving for collecting is in absolutely all people.  It manifests itself in childhood.  You know this because as a child you would save rocks, leaves, candy wrappers, calendars, corks, bottle caps and even marbles.  These trinkets were, and still are, easy to place in your pocket, so you can gather a lot of then, which makes them easy to collect.  They’re also fun to keep in a box (or your treasure chest) and rummage through to look at when it pleased you to do so.   Why?  Well it’s not known exactly.  People just love to collect things.  Maybe it makes them feel young again.   Over the years, more people want to collect gifts and trinkets that remind them or their childhood.

But why fridge magnets?  What makes them so special to the collector? When a person travels, why do they pick up a magnet to remind them of their fantastic vacation?  Maybe it’s the ease of placing it in your pocket so you can purchase a lot of them.  This makes them easy to travel with.  They will fit in a very small space so you’ll have room for a lot of them.  They are light weight.  No dragging them through an airport on your way home from your fabulous vacation.  If we knew some of the psychology behind it, maybe we can understand the desire to purchase the souvenir magnet.

Magnets help us relive the past.  They bring back fond childhood memories of days past.   A lot of magnets have names and photos of the place we’ve just traveled to. It’s fun to collect magnets that have a design of the state or features of the state, city or country you visited.  Most people collect magnets, which have these features so they can remember the places they recently visited on their vacation.

Magnets can help people communicate.  They make a great conversation piece.  Don’t you want to ask someone where they got that magnet you saw on their fridge?  You want to find out if they recently went on vacation and did they like where they went.  Can they recommend that place?  It works with businesses too.  I know when I see a magnet on a friend’s fridge from a pizza place or business, I ask if they liked the pizza or service they received.  This is a well-placed ad that was cheap and easy for that company.  Of course, there are many groups around the world today set up for the collection of magnets.  They probably never used Pizza Joe’s in London if they live in Ohio.  These groups are beneficial to you too. They will purchase a custom magnet you design for your attraction or company because there is no other design out there like it.  This again, makes magnets a very worthwhile investment for any business.

Fridge magnets have such a low price to produce that it makes it a fantastic souvenir!  These gifts are highly unlikely to ever sell at a high price which makes them easy to collect. In many ways, refrigerator magnets are one of the best gifts to have in your shop.  Magnets are the perfect advertising for any company.  Give them away with every pizza sale, or hand them to your customer when you’re done fixing their plumbing.  If you mow laws for a living, had out magnets so they can easily find your contact details to higher you again in a few weeks.  Fridge magnets make good sense.

Remember: Magnets are an affordable gift that everyone enjoys buying and collecting.  They are useful for holding up notes on your fridge or other metal appliances and they’re affordable for both the business selling them and the patron purchasing them.  Magnet collecting is for everyone from 5 to 90.  They make you feel good and bring back fond memories when you look at them.  Call us today to get your magnets!  1-800-325-0889

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