Custom Give Away Ideas for the Automotive Industry

Custom Give Away Ideas for the Automotive Industry

FREE Advertising os only a gift give away!

You want to boost sales and get people in to visit our dealership, but don’t know what could make your dealership stand out from the rest.  How about a free give away with a test drive or a give away for purchasing a new car?  Great ideas to get someone to visit your dealership or garage.  they come away with a cool trinket and you get FREE advertising whenever they use the gift you gave them.  It’s a win win if you think about it.

So now that we realize what a great marketing idea this is, what can we come up with for a gift?  How about key chains?  There are all kinds of types of key chairs. regular vinyl key fobs, ones with flash-lights, one’s that make a noise or even key rings with tools inside. Key rings and chains are a very cost effective way to advertise your business. They are one of the cheaper items you can use for promotional tools and there are plenty of collectors out there just dying to get one of your promotional key rings. Most people use more then one key ring at a time, so why not make it one of yours they carry?



Another Great idea for a dealership is umbrellas.  No one likes to get wet and everyone loves shade in the summer.  Umbrellas are an all year round give away that can really highlight you business.  Their big print area makes it perfect to add your company logo or some other cool design that you think would represent your business in a cool way.  We like the folding umbrellas as they are really easy to manage when you’re out and about.  they fit easily in car trunks, under  the seats and in side door panels.  If you want your FREE advertising to be seen outdoors and sporting events, the beach or picnics, this is a great item to purchase and give-away.  We think this item would be beneficial if you had your customer do something to receive it.  Maybe join your mailing list or purchase a warranty for a vehicle.  How about a yearly tune up package or quarterly oil change packages you might sell at your garage.  There are numerous ways to give a more expensive gift away to your customers. Everyone loves FREE stuff so give them a little bonus for signing up for your services.





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