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Importance of Promotional Products and Gifts

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The kind of concern a brand shows for its customer base, reflects on its generosity. So, to get maximum customers, it’s usually recommended for the brands to promote their products by various means to make a clear picture what the product does for the consumer that they are going to sell and launch. Although many ideas are available, the concept of promotional products, promotional items and promotional gifts are the most simple and best way to leave an impact on the public.


It’s human tendency and psychology that the idea of being given free stuff makes one feel happy and appreciated. It gives people a feeling that they are important to the other person. The idea of gifting is being used by every industry now to get a better customer relationship and become more popular. A few of the advantages and the components which can be thought of as beneficial and useful for both the manufacturers and the consumers are:

  • Giving a gift or an item along with the product being promoted becomes a unique selling point for that company. This attracts lots of customers, as they would be curious enough to know if the product is really great with the extra benefit is being offered a free gift just to try it.
  • Give a promotional items that can be used regularly, easily and for a long time.  This usually helps a lot to help people talk about your brand. Free advertising for a long time is priceless. Gifts such as pens or carrier bags can be used within any type of age groups. Table calendars are another good option for the professional class along with maybe key chains, wallets, apparels and cups or mugs which are popular among a lot of companies.
  • Connectivity between the gift and your product. If the gift being used for promotion is in any way related to the product it comes with, it leaves an impression of dual benefits in your customers mind. Launching say, a new toothpaste in the market can be beneficial if a toothbrush is gifted along with it with the company name or brand name of the toothpaste. While launching a new mobile phone, some accessories like a mobile phone case can be very useful. Small gifts that can be used for that product, as well every day use, will be beneficial to your customer base and when they use it, they remember your products.
  • Another important factor to be considered for promotional items is the colors and the brand name. The colors and the brand name are two “must haves” on a gift item in order for that gift to do it’s job of promotion.  When you think of giraffe bread, you don’t think the colors will be green and purple, you think orange and black or tan and black.  Seeing these colors together makes you think “hey, that reminds me of Giraffe Bread!”  In your mind when you see the colors you remember the brand that is associated with those colors.  The brand name we know and trust along with the colors associated with that product act as a connection between the product so customers recognize them together instantly. That makes good promotion.
  • The source of promotion is also a deciding factor of how well a product is going to do in the market. So it’s recommended that you use an easily accessible product. The most popular ways of promotion with the promotional gifts can be advertising the brand in the media like newspapers, magazines, stands in stores, on end caps and floor displays with some pamphlets with more information about the product, especially if it’s a new launch.
  • In spite of having the best quality product, a company may fail to reach the minds of its customer if don’t offer some sort of promotional gift.  The market these days has tough competition for brands with similar products.  People tend to shift from brand to brand on being given extra benefit like a flashlight, key ring, carrier bag or some other cool gift along with the new product.

It’s tough to have a new product on the market and to have it gain a long-lasting effect in the market. You’re going to want to reach all of  people where that product has to be finally used.  Having a free gift that comes with that product will really help the product get out there so everyone can try it.  Like we said before, everyone loves free stuff.  Once the brand and the product earns status, people tend to remain brand loyal for quiet a long time, so promotional gifts and promotional items do help in raising the quality and quantity of business in any company.


Low-Cost Company or Event Promotion with Personalized Promotional Lanyards

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What are lanyards?  Maybe the phrase key chain provides a greater visible description of what a lanyard is.  That being said, however, this isn’t the limit to their a lanyards use.  Basically,  a lanyard is a strip of nylon, a rope or cord, that’s most often worn around the your neck, and has a clip on the end of it to hold all kinds of items, not just keys. There are also wrist versions, but we will be talking about the ones you wear around your neck, as they are most popular.  They are mostly used to hold an item, like keys, buy can hold other things as well.  Let’s talk about lanyards and see if they’re a right fit for your business.

We will focus on the type of lanyard you would wear around your neck and the advantages you’ll be able to have from selling, or giving away this specific kind of merchandise as a promotional product. If you happen to give consideration to their use in your advertising or branding strategy, the following info ought to provide you with that little extra help in whether or not lanyards might be a proper item for what you want to promote.

Promotional lanyards are an affordable item and nearly a clothing accent.  Due to this fact, lanyards present themselves as an ideal choice for business promotions. Many come geared up with clips close to the top to connect things. Objects such as key-rings, cell telephones, badge holders, entry passes or made to fit your particular item you want attached to the end of it. Depending on the promotional market you’re in, your lanyards can fit into your advertising scheme easily and cheaply.

You’ve probability seen at conferences, commerce reveals or exhibitions, folks wearing promotional lanyards displaying the emblem of the group organizing the occasion. That lanyard is probably supplied as a free present by the occasion organizers themselves promoting their event or the services or products they supply. It’s a quite common scenario for the lanyard to be given away as a promotional present.

Utilizing promotional lanyards which can be printed with your firm name and emblem, product name or message is a highly effective method to promote your brand and company.  They will keep your brand and company name in the minds of your potential clients  or guests at your event.  There are numerous choices to choose from ranging from colors, printing choices, lengths and sizes in addition to the equipment that may be added to the lanyard. The selection for every specific promotional circumstance could also be totally different and promotional product producers perceive this and may help in selecting what’s finest choice for your online business.

They don’t need to be used solely for conferences or conventions.  They are a cheap choice as giveaways to your employees or clients. With the printed data, designed and created to your specs, these lanyards are more likely to get a lot of individuals to wear them.  Workers love them where you have a keyed entry system into your building.  they don’t have to fumble around looking for their key card as it’s right there on their lanyard.  They will wear these when they head out for lunch or a quick bit of shopping.  This makes them ideal to give to your employees.  What better free advertising then a lanyard with your company name and logo on it.  People do look at them.  I know I do.  Lanyards are great for employees that need to carry a key card, employee badge, regular keys or even a walkie talkie (if they’re small enough).  No pocket, no worries, you have a lanyard!

The principle advantages of utilizing lanyards for promotional gifts or souvenirs are:

  • Appreciation issue: lanyards are appreciated by workers and clients alike, however, greater than that is they’re utilized by nearly everyone that has them.
  • Value Issue: They’re cheap and inexpensive for firms, festivals, museums, fairs and are perfect promotion and showing off your brand.
  • Choices: You’ll discover an excellent variety of choices.  From the color to the message you can place on it, the length or functions you need to handle.
  • Promotional Advantages: when your guests, clients or workers are utilizing or sporting the promotional lanyard in regular day to day conditions, your company, attraction or festival or product is seen by a wider group of potential purchasers, attendees or admirers.

custom-lanyardsValue and Promotional advantages are maybe the best reason you have to be contemplating lanyards for promotion of your conference, festival, business or attraction. For a minimal price, and in addition, the ability to particularly design your message the way you want with text and images, you’ll have a product that shall be utilized by many under all kinds of conditions. With extra publicity for your small business services and products the potential for reaching additional prospects is enhanced greatly.  Since lanyards are cheap, they offer the benefit of free advertisement to be seen by a wide range of people, even if they didn’t attend your seminar or visit your zoo.  People will see others wearing them and might even want one themselves!

Be sure to check out our line of lanyards on-line at Fairway Manufacturing Company.  You’ll see that there are various kinds for you to choose from.  We even sell items that you can add to your lanyards.  We also offer thousands of other promotional products.  We have several catalogs for just custom promotion items such as lanyards. Call us today at 1-800-325-0889 so we can help you get started on your lanyards or any other product you might see in our catalogs. We also print badges for the lanyards.  you can print festival passes or business information right on cards that can be added to your lanyards.  We guarantee you will find something for your advertising and marketing needs.  We offer great prices that are competition are hard pressed to beat.  Fairway has been in the souvenir business for over 65 years and we know how to get you the best product and best value.   We have great promotional product and will give you recommendation on what are the best methods to get your small business or message out there on your lanyards or other products.


What’s the Difference Between Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts?

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What’s the Distinction Between Promotional Gadgets and Company Gifts?

Many advertising specialists imagine that promotional gadgets are a greater method of selling you their brands.  It provides a quite different way to do promoting than the same old techniques of promoting in the past.  It’is because the objects are more permanent, in a way that a TV or radio advert isn’t. However amongst all of the gadgets on the market, how do you know which merchandise or gadget is one of the best for your brand, product and/or services.

There are three questions that you must keep in mind when selecting your promotional products. First, it is vital that your merchandise is practical and usable. Certain, trinkets are pretty and are nice to look at, however in the long term, they won’t be utilized by the patron as much as you would like them to be. It’s better to present them with something that they’ll use all the time. This will keep your product or business logo or name in view on a daily basis and can remind them of how great your brand is over and over again.

Secondly, you need to select the appropriate avenue to deliver your message, and/or your promotional product.  My mail, as a free gift with purchase, for joining your group or club, for taste testing your product in a grocery or visiting your booth at an event, etc.  In most cases, if it’s not something they find useful, they’re just going to simply misplace it amidst the deluge of other messages and merchandise that’s attempted to attain their business day-after-day that they’ve already collected.

Lastly, and most significantly, you need to determine who’s your target market, as a result of that, it’s the main aspect that can determine what sort of product you’ll give away.  Some examples of a target market that you might decide to look at, and are the major target markets, are children, pre-teens and girls/women.

In case you’re concentrating on children, you will still need to factor in the mother and father, which whom you must persuade since they maintain the purse strings and buy their children the item you might be promoting. However, you will want to get the child’s consideration first.  You need this in order for them to tell their mom and dad what they want them to purchase.  Children persuade their parents all the time.  If they want something nine times out of ten, they will have it purchased for them.  You need to child to love your gift and you need their dad and mom to purchase the product, no matter what you’re selling. Promotional gadgets for youngsters are literally among the many least costly and most effective ones to select from. Cheap toys and devices are high on the checklist for kids. Along with toys, you might select different novelties akin to trick pens, rubber band bracelets, balls, stuffed animals with printed t-shirts and so many more.  You can get some ideas from our catalog. Stress toys, which are extremely popular promotional gifts or merchandise geared toward kids.  So think children when coming up with promotional items or gifts.

Next we have the  pre-teenagers and teenagers.  who LOVE free giveaways.  Just think of your own teens and what they love.  Promotional items are a big draw to this group. The merchandise must be cool sufficient for them to put on or show-off to their buddies.  Gadgets that publicize a message or thought may grow to be a stylish merchandise item.  Let’s, for instance, look at the pink ribbon for the AIDS marketing campaign a number of years ago.  It grew into all kinds of colored ribbons.  They are on every item you can think of from t-shirts to water bottles to laptop cases.  Teens loved it, it said something to them, and they wore it or wanted to display it like crazy!  If you can create something like this on your promotional items, you could quite possible have a huge hit on your hands.  It’s that the best promotion of all?  A run-away hit with the pre-teen and teenage group.

last but not least is the woman and girls peer group.  Free items that you just get from loyalty and level system schemes are a surefire hit. Girls are the more likely sex to buy your products and be your loyal consumers.  They really feel good whenever you reward them loyalty items.  they are more likely to purchase items over and over to get that little gift at the end.  Women, as you know, purchase way more then men do.  They are top consumers, so in order to win them over and purchase your brands, you want to reward them with some pretty nifty items.  there are a lot of items geared for women as far as promotional items go.  Mirrors, small cases, pens and note pads, combs and brushes, and just a plethora of bags and totes that they’ll carry everywhere.  Think about it.  Your company promotion or product being carried everywhere for everyone to see on a free bag you gave to a customer or client for being loyal or for making a purchase.  Priceless advertising!


Now for corporate gifts, you need to reach the decision-makers of a company, you have to take into consideration sophistication and status. Many purveyors of promotional merchandise prefer to recommend that the costlier the corporate gifts you select, the bigger the impression you make. Most certainly they’re going to be impressed by expensive devices, branded gadgets and merchandise.  It’s what may improve their image as a high executive in the company.  Corporate gifts can be awards, expensive laptop bags, sporting event tickets or even trips.  To keep in line with what we offer, I suggest really nice laptop bags, expensive pen sets, awards and other great gift items like coolers and clothing.

Hopefully,  this article will give you the ability to discover and find the proper product you need for the appropriate market your in and the people you want to reach in that market. To find this suitable avenue you’ll need to do some analysis of your own.  Analysis must be carried out as it will give you the ability to decide on the very best promotional merchandise for your brand.

When you’re ready to purchase either your promotional gifts or corporate gifts, or even need out expert advise in choosing the right one for you, give us a call at 1-800-325-0889 or email Mark at Fairway Manufacturing Company.


Popular Items for An Inexpensive Give-Away

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Some of the popular products that are used as a  promotional gifts or give-away gifts include pens with messages on them. If you want your pens to be more customized, you can add individual messages to them. Add some quotes that have something to do with your company.  Maybe add the product you want to advertise right on the pen itself in a a silhouette outline form.  Apart from printed pens, you can also use stationary pads or other stationery products as separate gifts or give them away with your pens.  You can highlight your products in a larger version ad then you can on your pens.  This ads extra value as you can add color imprints or pictures of your product or company logo. Everyone will use a pen and note pad.  they’ll keep it buy the phone for taking message or notes.  They might even take it to work where others will see it.  If the items are given to prospective clients, they will remember the brand whenever they are using the pens or pads.


If customers use the pens and remember the name of your company, half the work is done. The promotional products you choose should be useful, and at the same time create awareness about your brand and company. It’s always better to hand out good quality items, as the gifts you give will represent your brand. Pens given at corporate events can range from cheap click top pens to expensive quills. Of course the choice of pens largely depends on the budget you have decided to use. Customers love to get promotional gift items, either by themselves or with the products they just bought. So if you sell headphones, give them a pen and pad of paper to go with it as a token of your appreciation for buying your brand.  This little adds a lot more value to your product and shows you appreciate their business. When it comes to business; marketing and promotion are the two most important significant aspects facilitate the growth of your business.

When you present your potential or even current customer or clients with business gifts, it shows that you  value them and want to do and continue to do business with them. Furthermore, when you present useful business gifts, you’re sure to create an impact on your clients.  If you’re looking for a good place to select the business gifts, you can simply trust one name which is Fairway Manufacturing Company. They are a leading supplier of gift items and promotional items in United States.  With Fairway Manufacturing, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from over 10,000 personalized gift items. You’ll really going to love the selections of gift products they offer. Fairway Mfg. is one place where you can get a large diversity gift items for corporate events and business gatherings, not to mention souvenirs and gift shop merchandise.


Some of the most popular corporate gifts which are found at Fairway Manufacturing include the printed mugs, promotional floating view pens, custom imprint magnets and so much more!! They have hundreds of pen varieties to choose from too.  You can contact them at 1-800-25-0889 for more information. You can also choose the Fairway Golf Umbrellas or top quality key-rings which come with a nice presentation boxes.  I love the custom water bottles, wine glasses or pint glasses for wineries or pubs.  Fairway Manufacturing Company has been doing business with leading corporate and US attractions, zoos, gift shops, museums and more, for 64 years. You can totally rely on their professional service and know how to help you get the best promotional items or select the best type of pen and note pad for your budget.


Why are promotional gifts getting so popular?

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Promotional gifts are important tools for the marketing department of any company. Their effectiveness depends upon the thought and execution behind them, and promotional items are like any other advertisement material.  Promotional gifts can work in a two-fold manner.  They can help to promote your business or the products you sell in the most cost-effective manner, and at the same time produce an interest in the market for your new or already established products.  It’s been proven that the promotional gift, sometimes works even better than the print medium and the television medium.  The gifts or the items actually create awareness in the market about the products. This is a subtle way of creating a “brand value” in the market. The gifts or the items can work as an influencing factor.  These gifts are distributed in large numbers to potential customers in view of introducing the brand and creating general interest in it.  Although they serve the identical purpose, promotional gifts are very different from normal media advertisements and other ad campaigns.  As they are gifts and given free of cost customers, they are more likely to take them home.  They don’t want to carry brochures, pamphlets etc., to their home as they get enough junk mail as it is.  Brochures might be looked at once or twice then thrown out.  With a promotional gift,  they notice the message carried by the gift and see it not once or twice, but as long as they use the item.  Market studies tell us that customers use promotional items for about 6 months. So a good promotional item is a very cost effective way to advertise when compared to its other alternatives.

It takes a lot of planning and effort to select a good promotional item. You need to take into consideration, the nature of the target receivers, the nature of the product to be promoted and the budget your willing to spend.  These are the three primary things of concern, as in any other advertisement methods you might use. All the advantages of a promotional item will come to use only if the receiver is attracted by the item and uses it in their day to day activities. Well selected promotional products can generate good will, and establish brand recognition among customers. A promotional item attached with a direct mail will yield more positive results than of  those distribute anonymously.  These ring true and are especially beneficial to a new company to get a foot-hold in the market.

The steps to be considered in using promotional items are:

    1. Clarify the use of the item in your company’s perspective, by asking a few simple questions such as why? (Why we are distributing the item?); When? (When will you distribute it?); How are you going to distribute the item? and finally to whom are you giving it to?
    2. By using the data generated by the answers from the above point, you can draw a clear plan of action.
    3. Design your promotional item to suit the promoted product’s design. Match the color scheme to your company color scheme. Examine the visibility of your logo along with your brand name and message.
    4. Add a message or caption to the item (make sure it’s visible) which links the item to the product or your company that is being promoted.
    5. Think in the receivers point of view. Where will he use it? Can he see the company’s name or logo using it? Does it simplify or enhances his life? Etc, etc.

These questions will help you to decide the life time of the promotional item your giving away. The more life time, the more advertisement life time.  With this knowledge you and see if you can spend few more pennies on an item you thought might be out of your price range. There are a number of companies, which actually use the promotional gifts as incentives for the employees. Promotional items can be used in an exhibition to create a kind of platform for the new products you have in your line.

When you select a supplier like Fairway Manufacturing Company, you will be able to see samples (you can ask for a sample order of your item). Compare prices and ensure the prints (logo, name and message) are error free.  They will work closely with your to ensure you get the best product for your companies goals.  With 64 years behind them, they know the business like no other company.  they will help you step by step in order to get your product designed and shipped in a very short time.  And finally implement the plan of distribution carefully. If your promotional gifts reaches and relates to the maximum number of potential customers, it can create a fortune for your company.


ribbons for causes

Non-Profit and Charities Need Souvenirs To Promote Their Causes

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Souvenirs and Giveaways Aren’t Just for Big Business. Non-profit and Charities need them too.

This giveaway and souvenir suggestion is not entirely limited to the corporate world. There  are other places where it is suitable to employ giving away gifts or selling them at a minimal fee. Many charities sell products or give them away to help make people aware of their cause.  You’ll see pink ribbon products for cancer or yellow ribbons to support our troops as an example.  Here in England, we purchase poppies from our veterans for remembrance day.  All of these are either give aways our you purchase then to support their cause and help them carry on their good work.  These groups and many others need some sort of company to create these products.  A good example could be the Rotary Club – This is a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds can exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name comes from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.  They need to spread the word about what they do and who they are.  They purchase souvenirs/gifts to sell to support their projects like polio vaccines for everyone around the world.  Selling a pen or t-shirt helps with their endeavor.

Groups with a Cause will also benefit from souvenirs.  If you have an organization with a particular cause (e.g. cancer awareness. support our troops, helping out the poor, promoting education etc), handing out a souvenir will be a great way to promote their cause.  Again, they don;t have to be expensive, they just need to have their name and/or cause on it.  Everyone knows what a pink ribbon stands for. (at least in the USA they do) so they can create pink ribbon magnets without any custom imprint and people will know that it stands for and it gets awareness out there.   This kind of souvenir is beneficial because the souvenir idea they come up with is highly probable to be aligned with what the organization believes in or stands for.

Non-Profit Organizations are a really good group of folks who would sell souvenirs. Since non-profit organizations tend to protect and help other people, and they can make no profit from it, selling souvenirs for promotional benefit is a great idea.  They can again sell products created for their organization to get the word out and be recognized.  Even if they printing their names on plastic bags or combs or anything else, they get the word out about their organization.

Souvenirs aren’t just for theme parks or historic attractions.  They are important for community work, charities and non-profit organizations as well.  When, for example, there is a marathon for cancer, they hand out pink ribbons and t-shirts that have some sort of information about their cause.  They have their groups name, date and what they stand for.  Most of the time we call them give-aways, but they are really like souvenirs for the event they are sponsoring.   This way, business leaders, charity groups, non-profits and many more groups can help shaping the society we live in by raising awareness through souvenirs and help others reach out to the needy, through a donation in the form of a small gift or souvenir they receive in return.

promotional gifts

Great Ideas for Promotional Gifts

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Nowadays, companies tend to play safe when it comes to choosing promotional gifts. If you are tired of giving or receiving the same gifts all the time, then go for more unique promotional items to spice up your promotion. Below are some ideas for unique promotional gifts that you may find useful.

Fun and Fashionable

Say bye bye to the same boring items and styles and hello to fun and fashionable. You can now choose a range of bags and electronics that are very fashionable. There are many styles and colors to choose from to fit your company image and budget. Bags range from backpacks and laptop bags to sport and tote bags. You can even consider giving out coolers. As for corporate apparels, you can give out scarves, hats and beanies. All these promotional gifts can be screen printed or embroidered with your company logo and advertising messages.



For The Tech-Savvy

Portable Speakers are a Great Company Freebie

Portable Speakers are a Great Company Freebie

Give some high-tech products to your tech-savvy clients. There are many computer accessories that can be given out as promotional gifts, such as headphones, iPhone and Android cases, stands and chargers, portable chargers, portable speakers and travel adapters. The list goes on and on.  There is a large selection of tech gifts on the market that you can custom imprint for your companies promos   Again, you can imprint your company name and logo on any of the computer items. If you need help or have questions on any product we carry, you can call us eat 1-800-325-0889.






Classic with a Twist

Maybe a pen is not just a pen after all. there is a better and more unique version of a pen that will be the hit of your gift offers.  Everyone will want one!  It’s the custom action floating pen.  These are unique pens that have a floating bit in side to make it an animated pen. (read here)  For ordering information for these pens, you can call us at 1-800-325-0889 or email Mark at Fairway Manufacturing.  In addition to this,

Custom Floating View Pens and Acrylic Key Rings

Custom Floating View Pens and Acrylic Key Rings

we have a great website that will give you fantastic information on the floaty pens at Custom Floaty Pens.  There is a variety of other useful products that you can give as promotional gifts to your valuable clients. These items include orange peelers, bottle openers, tooth brushes and key tags.

Of course there are thousands more unique ideas that you can find and use for your promotional gifts.   You can easily get all these items, at Fairway Manufacturing Company.  Why use numerous sources when you can use one. The most important thing here is that you need to set your budget from the beginning so you know your limits.  Finding something unique for your promotional gifts is a great way to have the most impact on your promotion. Choosing the right unique item is important.  You don’t want to giver away the wrong item and make a bad impression on your company. Certain items can give the wrong impression about your company or worse, spoil your company image.   For instance, if you are in the baby industry you would not want to give out bottle openers and wine glasses as promotional gifts to your target audience.  they want baby items like cool bibs, onesies or socks  Choose the item wisely, and preferably something related to your business so it will only complement your company image not tarnish it.  Again, if you have any questions or need help select the right gifts for your company,  call us today at 1-800-325-0889.  We’ve been in business since 1952 and know all about corporate gifts and souvenirs.


Give-Away Gifts Help Boost Sales

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How Free Give-aways Can Boost Your Small Business Revenues

Give-Away Gifts Help Boost Sales.  Offering a free give away can be a powerful and effective marketing strategy.  Offering free give-aways to prospects and customer is a powerful business building strategy that can result in a flood of new and repeat customers.  It may seem counter-intuitive to give away your products and services to build your business; however, people can’t resist the lure of receiving something for free. The word free, as worn out as it may seem, is still the most powerful word in marketing and has a hypnotic effect on people.  Promotional gifts have an important say in the modern day corporate world. Big and small entrepreneurs who wish to lure their customers and add credence to their business, prefer to use attractive gifts as give-aways. Should you also want to utilize them for utmost benefit in your trade, knowing few tips about them would be worthwhile.

Why Free Give-aways Work

The reason free give-aways work so well is two-fold. First, prospects who test your product or service risk-free might recognize its value and continue purchasing what you offer. Or even better, your prospect will get “hooked” on your product or service and won’t be able to live without it.

Second, because your product or service was given to your prospects as a free gift, they will feel psychological pressure to return the favor by continuing to purchase from you. This principle is called the “Law of Reciprocity,” which simply states that people naturally feel an obligation to return favors as a way of expressing their thanks.

When it comes to distribute promotional products, you don’t have to wait for any special occasion. However, presenting them as free gift item along with any newly launched product or services is the most common and popular way of business promotion. Apart from this, distributing them in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, trade shows, road shows, etc. to all the attendees is also the best way of welcome them and express your wishes with something especial.

Know Your Total Customer Value Before Giving Freebies

The key to safely offering free give-aways is to know your “total customer value” (also called “lifetime customer value”): the profit you will receive from your customer over the total length of your relationship. This figure includes not only direct business, but also the value of any referrals.

For instance, suppose you own a dry cleaning business with an average “total customer value” of $1,250. How much money would you be willing to invest in free give-aways to acquire a new customer? $50? $100? $200?

If the answer is * yes *; this value makes sense, then why wouldn’t you invest $100 to gain $1,250 in profits?  Coincidentally, this is why most small business owners are nervous about offering free give-aways. They don’t understand the principle of “total customer value.”

Information – The Ultimate Free Give-away

Ideally, it’s best to offer free give-aways that are low cost but have a high perceived value to the recipient. Information is a great example. This is why it’s smart for small businesses to use special reports containing “insider” information as a free give-away for new customer lead generation.

Free Give-away Case Studies

There are a myriad of ways to offer a free give-away and many effective types of give-aways (other than information) that small businesses can use to attract new and inactive customers. Here, several small businesses demonstrate how they use free give-aways to build their businesses:

Case Study # 1 – Product Number:  Jumbo Cooler
Description: Jumbo Cooler Bag
Industry: Sports Event

What it was purchased for:
These bags were given out to participants in a company golf tournament.

How was it distributed:
All participants received a bag as a prize along with a nice bottle of wine and wine opener.

Result or ROI:
This promotion was used as an incentive to get people to sign up and donate money. As a result more than 200 golfers signed up for the event.

Case Study #2  Product: Custom Cap

Description: Cap that combined a custom visor, 3D embroidery with the manufacturer’s brand, and the manufacturer’s private label.
Industry: Firework Manufacturer
Use: Sales promotion give-away

How was it distributed:
A distributor was working with a fireworks manufacturer in the Midwest. Obviously this manufacturer’s business is very seasonal. The summer months of their selling season are their busiest of the sales year. During this high-volume time of their sales year the Fireworks manufacturer decided they wanted to get their brand on a gift with purchase that would keep their name visible throughout the entire year. They asked their distributor to bring them ideas for a gift with purchase that would be the right fit for their clientèle, and would be a gift that would have continuous use and keep their brand visible all year round.

The distributor came to Fairway Manufacturing for ideas. They came up with the idea of doing a completely custom cap that would be unique to the manufacturer’s brand, and have a high-perceived value. A cap that would be highly coveted, but could only be acquired by purchasing $100 worth of fireworks. Working with the buyer, the distributor was able to design a cap that combined a custom visor, 3-D embroidery with the manufacturer’s brand, and the manufacturer’s private label in each cap. Fairway Manufacturing Company was able to build this concept into a remarkable cap.

Result or ROI:
Fairway Manufacturing Company was able to manufacture over 12,000 of these caps for all the various Fireworks outlets and each and every outlet used all of the caps that were ordered for them. A cap was given with every $100 worth of fireworks. A cap that keeps the brand visible all year round!

Case Study # 3  Product Number: Phone Stand
Description: Phone Stand
Industry: Tradeshow
Use: A tech supplier was in need of give-aways for an industry trade show. They needed something inexpensive yet useful to their audience.

How was it distributed:
The phone holders were handed out at the booth, and folks from around the exhibit hall came around just to find out what these things were.

Result or ROI:
 They were very impressed! Best of all they drew in the right people to the booth and gave a chance to give them the “pitch”. Great idea!

Case Study # 4 – Product:  Stuffed Bear in a T-Shirt

Description: Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt
Industry: Insurance
Use: Insurance is a product/Service that most end users or targets do not like to talk about. It is a necessary evil for most people. To most people this means that they need to spend money for insurance on what they may never get a return on their investment.

In general, Plush is an instant gratification category. Give someone a teddy bear and you will see that it puts a smile on anyone’s face immediately. OR, long enough to break the ice to chat about the service, in this case insurance, that a company is trying to sell to customers.

How was it distributed: The referral process is huge in the insurance agency. So this top 5 Insurance Company gives away a set of teddy bears on the day of signing the documents for whatever insurance plan that a family signs up for.

Walk into any branch location, sign up for the New Homeowner’s policy and receive a free teddy bear, hence softening the perception of insurance and most importantly putting a smile on the face of the new policy holder.

Result or ROI: The Franchisee offices continue to reorder the teddy bear because insurance is a very tough sell in today’s world, and new customers are walking out with a smile on their face. The gifts have enabled the agents to build a rapport and work on future referrals. Now they are not just the insurance agent, but leave customers with a positive image and a feeling of friendship.

Case Study # 5 – Product Number:  Sunglasses

Description: CUSTOM Malibu Sunglasses
Industry: Liquor/Food and Beverage

The End User wanted to give something away at this year’s Spring Break in Jamaica for an MTV event that would capture the attention of not only the Spring Breakers but get air time on MTV as well.  One of the hottest items in our line right now is the 6223 Malibu Sunglasses….not only are they stylish, but they are UV protected and are a necessary item to use at the beach.

How was it distributed:
As Spring Breakers made their way on to one of MTV’s beach stages, they were asked to try a very small glass of this mixed drink. Once they tried the drink they were given the sunglasses.

Result or ROI:
The sunglasses were a huge hit with the recipients, creating awareness for the liquor brand. They were in such high demand that they ran out of 3,000 units in less then 30 minutes and were spotted around town the entire week.  Everyone in the MTV crowd was wearing the glasses, hence giving the liquor brand publicity all over the world.

Justify Any Deal That’s “Too Good To Be True”

If your offer that includes free give-aways appears “too good to be true,” it could decrease its believability and your credibility. To avoid this always explain how you can offer such a great deal.

It might be that you goofed and are now overstocked, you got a great deal from your supplier, or you just want to say thank you in a meaningful way. Whatever the case may be, give a reason. It doesn’t even have to be a good reason; it just needs to be believable.

Remember, your prospect is very skeptical and has good reason to be. We’ve all been duped at one point in time by a “too good to be true” scam. Furnishing your prospects with the reason why you can offer them such a good deal helps them to logically reconcile your offer in their minds. In turn, this will give your prospect the comfort level needed to act on your offer.


Using free give-aways is an effective marketing strategy if used correctly. Think about what you can offer free-of-charge that your prospects would consider valuable and that you can obtain cheaply. Don’t forget to compute your total customer value so you know how much you are able to invest in attracting a new customer. Lastly, make sure you justify any offers that are just too good to be true.


Gifts and Give-Aways for Your Family Reunion, Convention or Group Function

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Most people will attend a family reunion, class reunion, sporting event or some other sort of group function like a fan run Sci-fi convention or fan club gathering.  They are great fun and everyone attending has a great time. They have such a great time that they’d really love to have something to keep and take with them that keeps that memory alive for a log time after the event.  That’s where promotional give-aways or sale of gifts with the event name on it help keep that memory alive while enableing you to  fund the event or entice more people to attend with a cool free gift.  Everyone love souvenirs from places and events they’ve been to.  They want to remember and relive the great time they while being there.  It’s been proven over and over again, that souvenirs from places and events keep that memory alive well after the event is over.  We’re going to give you a few ideas for your next event that can help your event be a success and help people remember what a great time they had while attending.  Gifts and Give-Aways are fantastic any time you want some publicity or to remember special events in your life.

We can look at several examples of how having a product made with your  event name, group name or more can benefit your event.  It’s not just free give-aways, but gifts people can purchase also.  Think of these events as big parties and every party needs party favors.  Your event isn’t just any party.  It’s the party of the year and you want everyone to remember it for years.  So what would make it extra special for them to attend and remember it by?  Something that will spark amazing memories for a lifetime.  Here is a list of 11 things that can help with those memories that aren’t expensive and won’t be thrown out after the event.

Let’s start out with the bags to hold all of their goodies they will either buy or be given as gifts for attending.  there are many styles of bags.  Plastic, recycled, mesh, hemp, backpacks, shoulder bags etc.   Most will go with the standard plastic tote bags as they are the cheapest.  They do, however, get thrown out. So why not use a good quality bag that will last with an your imprint on it so it can be used over and over for shopping or going to the pool?

Totes and bags:  How big depends on what you want to put in them.  There are really thousands of designs to choose from.  they are made from all types of materials too.  Bags that are made of something other then plastic tend to be held on to for a longer period of time.  While plastic bags are cheap, most people just throw them away.  This means that you’re branding will never be seen.  We suggest non-woven to plastic,  They are still cheap enough for small gathering as a “give-away” yet nice enough to want to hold on to.  A lot of people tend to take these shopping with them.  They’re easy to fold up and carry in a purse or just in your hand.

Other bags are made of polyester.  These tend to be waterproof and light weight.  There are hundreds of styles of polyester bags and totes from small magazine sized bags to backpacks and duffel bags or even laundry.  Polyester is a popular material for bags.  Cotton, jute and hemp are other great materials for bags.  Heavy duty and also light weight.  They are easy to clean and great for the beach or park.  As we said the size of the bag depends on what gifts you think people will get at your function or what gifts you plan on giving to them.  You can find great prices on bags at Fairway Manufacturing Co.  They also have a larger size to fit more goodies in.

Now that we have our bags, we need something to put in them.  Here are some ideas for your gathering:

Photo frames in family reunion gift bags will  be used for that perfect picture snapped at the reunion! Place your family name on it and it’s a cherished gift.   If you’re holding a convention with actors around, you can sell guests these cool magnet photo frames as an addition to the picture they pay for with their favorite star.  Place your event name or logo on it and it makes for a fantastic bonus “souvenir” of your convention.  Magnet Photo Frames make great gifts.

Coffee Mugs are an easy favorite of everyone’s to have personalized.  A nice touch can be to include little samples of coffee, tea or hot cocoa, which you can have imprinted with your company or event name too!  Everyone loves getting coffee mugs.  They are easy to travel with and fit everyone’s budget.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use a coffee mug for either coffee, tea, soup or even making cakes.  There are hundreds of styles of coffee mugs.  Some coffee mugs even come with spoons built right in!  We think coffee mugs should definitely be on the souvenir must buy list.  It’s not just coffee mugs either.  You could get plastic cups, water bottles, stainless steal travel mugs, you name it.  Everyone has to drink something, so why not get mugs, cups, glasses and more!

Luggage Tags make great give-aways.  Chances are, a lot of your family or guests travelled to go to your reunion or convention, so they obviously need some luggage tags, right?  Luggage tags with your family name and crest or your convention or company logo is a fantastic way to keep everyone thinking what a great time they all had.  When it’s time for the nest one, they’ll be extra excited to know they can use their luggage tag they received or purchased.  Things like this make perfect sense as a give-away gift or a bought gift.  Everyone at some point travels.  We like this idea because it’s not a throw away gift and is easily used at airports.  Luggage tags make great gifts and we have some cool ones to choose from.

family reunion t-shirts

Custom Family reunion T-shirts.

T-shirts:  If you’re having t-shirts made, a cute idea for your family reunion is to make ones that say “Survivor of 20xx family reunion!”  EVERYBODY Loves T-Shirts!  It’s just a fact of any function.  Conventions, family reunions, trips, sporting events whatever…. everyone wants a t-shirt!  We have a company that does fantastic graphic work on t-shirts for all kinds of events.  Anything you can dream up, they can design it for you.  We believe that the number 1 gift give-away or something that everyone will buy is a t-shirt.  It’s also the best advertisement.  A walking human billboard.  You could also get custom embroidered polo style shirts.  These are a bit higher priced then a t-shirt, but they are well worth the price.  Polo style shirts look great with an embroidered logo on them.

There are so many products that we can list here it’s just amazing.  Hats, pens, koozies are all fantastic gift items that people tend to keep and not throw out.   They are still among the best gift items on the market.  Hat’s are a fantastic way to advertise as people wear them all year round.  Some have mesh on the back for summer wear while some are made of 100% or a green blend of hemp or jute and cotton.  Visors are another form of hat and they are very popular for hot summer months when most family reunions are held.  Beanie hats can be embroidered with logos or  words and are perfect for winter months when you really want a hat on to stay warm.  Custom design hats are great for your family reunions as everyone will wear them to show they are in the family.  Custom designed hats and t-shirts really make that family portrait extra special.  You can spot a family reunion in any park as see that they all have matching hat, t-shirts or both.

Pens with your family name, event or convention will be used.  I’ve gotten pens in my gift bags and used them on the spot to write down information that I might not have been able to if not for that pen.  Pens get used.  They are really cheap and easy to imprint with a company name or logo.  Keep in mind, there’s not a lot of room on a pen, so it you want a big design on it, think twice. Highlight pens or markers make great freebies to throw in a gift bag.  When at a meeting, you can highlight areas that are discussed or that you’re interesting is getting more information on later.   It’s nice to give a pen and a portfolio or notebook together.  It will be handy to get a relative’s phone number and address that  you’ve not met before so you can keep in touch.  It’s great for an unexpected chance to get an autograph.  Note taking in meetings is a must and with a pen and a note pad, you are covered if you’ve forgotten one.  Pens are our #1 gift for meetings and conventions.

Magnets:  A simple, small and very useful item to have.  Magnets can be moulded into any design.  They are a fantastic way to advertise and are perfect for holding that special photo you took at your family reunion.  Did you get your photo taken with an actor at a convention or maybe a group of friends at an annual meeting?  The photo with a frame magnet printed with the event name and logo can be placed on any appliance with the magnet they received from the convention.  We already spoke in depth about frame magnets, so if you don’t remember what we said, scroll up.  This time we’re taking custom moulded magnets with two to four colours.  These can be a fancy script of your family name or how about the state your country your ancestors came from with your name written in the middle of it.  Maybe even a state flag or country flag with your name on it.  A family crest, the name and logo for your event with a date on it.  The ideas and possibilities are endless.  Magnets are on our number two list for must haves for conventions or family reunions.  They are cheap to make and can be a great advert for any company, event or family reunion

Remember, Being organized will make your job easier, so fill and label the bags ahead of time, then store them alphabetically.   The swag worth investing in is the type of items that attendees will find useful.  If you’re at a conference for pet owners, give away branded leashes, or portable dog bowls. Think of the items that people at the conference will need, but might have forgotten to bring, and give them something like that.  You’ll not only be a hero, but they’ll remember your brand too.  Care About your care packages.  The best type of swag is the type that provides value. Convention attendees are on their feet all day, spending hours running around to different panels, we’ve found that the best way to make a statement is to offer a branded care package, complete with aspirin, bandages, a quick snack, pen, notepad and a maybe a USB drive with your company information.  Remember you don;t need big items you can go small to pay off big.  Give-aways are expensive and bulky to carry sometimes.  For example, at a Doctor Who convention, a hundred individually-wrapped tea bags can work wonders for your gift table in the dealers room.  We can stamp your business information and a coupon on each wrapper, the fans will love them!  Dealers get in touch with us today!!  Make more sales with a small give-away that shows you care.  Everyone feels great after a hot beverage.  Just ask Sheldon Cooper.

One More Free Idea

Use conference bags to encourage early registration. Create a special swag-bag version that includes high-end items like gift cards, or next years t-shirt. You know how this works. Then offer these exclusive conference bags to the first 100-500 people who register. You are building the perception that your conference bags are valuable before the event.

 In Conclusion

Whether it’s the family reunion or convention bag or the items you fill it with – make it matter.  The conference bag is the first gift you give an attendee. Same thing for the family reunion.  when your family arrives at the hotel, or wherever the are staying, have the bags in their room already or as the front desk staff to hand them to them upon arrival.  It’s a great surprise for them upon arrival!  These events are personal. So make your gifts or give-aways too good to throw away. Just imagine how it could increase the image of your organization and the impact of your convention if the attendees loved your bags and considered them filled with unique, exclusive, valuable items and information?  Maximize the potential of your next bag. Make it part of your overall communication strategy and use it to support and enhance your event message.


Custom Give Away Ideas for the Automotive Industry

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Custom Give Away Ideas for the Automotive Industry

FREE Advertising os only a gift give away!

You want to boost sales and get people in to visit our dealership, but don’t know what could make your dealership stand out from the rest.  How about a free give away with a test drive or a give away for purchasing a new car?  Great ideas to get someone to visit your dealership or garage.  they come away with a cool trinket and you get FREE advertising whenever they use the gift you gave them.  It’s a win win if you think about it.

So now that we realize what a great marketing idea this is, what can we come up with for a gift?  How about key chains?  There are all kinds of types of key chairs. regular vinyl key fobs, ones with flash-lights, one’s that make a noise or even key rings with tools inside. Key rings and chains are a very cost effective way to advertise your business. They are one of the cheaper items you can use for promotional tools and there are plenty of collectors out there just dying to get one of your promotional key rings. Most people use more then one key ring at a time, so why not make it one of yours they carry?



Another Great idea for a dealership is umbrellas.  No one likes to get wet and everyone loves shade in the summer.  Umbrellas are an all year round give away that can really highlight you business.  Their big print area makes it perfect to add your company logo or some other cool design that you think would represent your business in a cool way.  We like the folding umbrellas as they are really easy to manage when you’re out and about.  they fit easily in car trunks, under  the seats and in side door panels.  If you want your FREE advertising to be seen outdoors and sporting events, the beach or picnics, this is a great item to purchase and give-away.  We think this item would be beneficial if you had your customer do something to receive it.  Maybe join your mailing list or purchase a warranty for a vehicle.  How about a yearly tune up package or quarterly oil change packages you might sell at your garage.  There are numerous ways to give a more expensive gift away to your customers. Everyone loves FREE stuff so give them a little bonus for signing up for your services.





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