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Benefits of Attending Wholeseller Trade & Gift Shows

Where can you find an audience for your products that are there because they have an interest in the types of products you sell, and are keen to spend money?  Trade and gift shows have always remained an important source of getting business leads. Trade & ngift shows are the place to be seen!  Everyone is a potential customer looking for new and exciting products to try.  Having a booth at a show gives your business the chance to show off new products and make an impact on potential customers.  Trade shows are mainly for B2B customers, while gift shows can have buyers,sellers and consumers who are looking for a cool gift for their mom.

With exhibitions or trade shows it’s all about preparation – booking your booth well in advance, will get you the best spot where people pass by in their hundreds so no-one can miss you.

Giving away freebies to passing customers will definitely ensure they remember you and leave an impression long after the event has ended so find items that are quirky, colourful or stylish, but also practical as these are the gifts most appreciated by people and the most likely to be kept and used. Print them with your name and logo and you’ll be recognised everywhere!  You can contact Fairway Manufacturing Company for all your freebie needs.  They have numerous products that can be imprinted with your companies information.   Not sure what you want or what you want imprinted on your items?  No worries.  At Fairway Manufacturing there are highly skilled artists and managers to help you out with any project you have.

In wholesale trade shows, the customers and sellers are retailers, distributors, wholesalers and dropshippers. Visitors and customers can visit any stall, order the products or can collect information about the features of various products like price, quality and delivery periods.  Wholesalers can not ignore the importance of trade shows because they are beneficial for all parties including retailers, dropshippers, distributors, manufactures and wholesalers. Through trade shows, wholesalers can easily grab numerous opportunities and resources like prospective customers, high quality products, discounted rates and market opportunities.

Gift Shows
Gift Shows

Consider how the products can be shown to their best advantage in regard to display stands and brochure displays. Signage is very important and you can find lots of advice and help online regarding colours, quality, display stands, lighting and set up. Keep your message simple by using large images and key phrases to produce an effective display and attract attention to your booth and away from the competition.  Stunning banners will get you noticed but experienced staff are just as important as they represent your company, they need to be sociable, professional, and good sales representatives. Practical giveaways give potential customers important information about your company and provide instant brand recall when the show is over, and attractive banner display stands will make your products stand out and get noticed by anyone passing by.

In short, we can say that wholesalers can get their hands on the best products and suppliers under one roof. Another benefit is that wholesalers get a very wide exposure of market because every kind of  business man related to that particular niche is present in the trade shows to locate best business deals.  In trade shows, the wholesalers organize stalls in which they display their sample products. They also advertise their new and forthcoming products. All the businessmen are present for exploiting business opportunities. Besides this, the mere presence in trade shows itself has a worthwhile experience.

You, as a wholesaler will be able to get acquainted with other wholesalers and competitors. You might develop new  business contacts which can help you later on. You will come to know what your competitors have to offer and you can learn about some of their policies, strategies, motives, management techniques and product range. It’s also helps some wholesalers become familiar with the new or latest marketing trends.   When participating in trade shows, you can use some good techniques to help you to get most out of the shows.  Try to participate in as many discussions with potential customers as you can. Also, warmly welcome every customer and entice them to look at your wares by using good marketing techniques you’ve learned.   You don;t need to bring every product you carry to the shows.  This is a great way to loose money at a show.  Take the most popular and newest in your line.  You can have images or photo albums of your other. not so popular products.  Limiting the work you have to do when setting up, especially if you’re having to pay a trade union rep to set you up, is really a good idea.

You can find the 2015 Trade and gift Show Schedule on our site.  Just follow the link and we hope to see you there!


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